The purpose of this website (which is very much a work-in-progress) is to provide a place to collect and point to some stuff on the internet about the various creative endeavours of Erik Verkoyen.

I was born in Wolvega, the Netherlands, the 14th of february in 1972. After, around 1980, seeing sketches in historybooks by renaissance-painters like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, I got interested in the ideal of the Uomo Universale and seriously started drawing, writing stories and making music.
In 1989 I went to Art Academy Minerva in Groningen. Where I started  in the audiovisual department but after the first year I moved to autonomous painting.
In 1993 I switched to theatre-design at the ABK in Maastricht which I finished in 1996 after half a year in an Erasmus-exchange at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

After my studies I came to Amsterdam, but because I was deep in debt at that point I ended up mostly moving house a lot while doing various callcenter and officejobs.
Next to that I dabbled in mediathings; writing and photographing for a musicmagazine, presenting a local radioshow, making a local television-program and setting up a website about the local music-scene.
I also played in various bands, DJ-ed, recorded mine and other bands’ demo’s and made music for theater and film-projects.

From 2009 I picked up painting again and since january 2013 I’m registered at the chamber of commerce in Amsterdam as a painter. I make paintings now, my own work and commisioned, and give drawing and paintinglessons. For more information about this you can always contact me.